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How to Pick a Grant Writer

Selecting a grant writer is not always easy for those who have not done it before. You get to face the uneasiness of starting with the task and of course, the worry that you won’t be able to land onto the best and the right grant writer for your need. Whether you are meeting a freelance grant writer or checking out a grant consultant, you will have to know their differences and which between the choices is most suitable for the requirements of your situation. The tips that are provided can help you direct your path to finding the right grant writer and inhibit wasting a lot of your time.

Points to Consider

1. Check a Grant Writer Meticulously.

Like when you are an employer looking to hire someone for a vacant position, you need to assess the qualifications of the candidate grant writer to determine his competence and suitability for the job. Since most grant writers offer prospective clients with a free initial consultation lasting for more or less 30 minutes, you must make use of the time to get to know his experiences in the field and the grant writing services that he offers. Try to be polite and ethical during your conversation as this is important but never miss to talk about the areas that will help you identify the suitability of the grant writer.

2. Be Ready with the Right Questions.

Prior to setting up an appointment or first consultation with grant writers, you should make yourself ready with the right questions to ask. This is so that when you meet in person, you will be guided with what to talk about and not miss any important point when the meeting is over. Among the most essential questions to ask relate to the philosophy of the grant writer in the ream of grant writing itself as well as of fundraising. You should also try to learn about his approach to grant applications to funders. Include all the other questions that have the chance of aiding you in learning about the competence of the grant writer and his suitability for your need.

3. Get References of Previous Clients.

If the grant writer you are speaking to has been around the industry for a long time, then that is an indication of a reliable experience on his part. In line with that, consider asking from the candidate writer of at least two references that you can be able to communicate for further evaluation of his character, approaches, and competence in the job. Remember that as you further in your search for a grant writer, you will be meeting several candidates who will vary from each other in different aspects. A testimonial or even a crunch of information that you can get from the clients served by the grant writer in the past will surely be a great help to you in determining which person is right to hire for your need for a writer in applying for a grant.

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